Church Restoration


Above: September 16, 2015

Below: August 20, 2015

IMG_1877 IMG_1901  IMG_1911-2

As Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Polish National Church are undergoing a spiritual revival, the church itself is undergoing restoration.  Under the direction of Young Restoration in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, Sacred Heart is repairing damaged stone and brick to the outside of the church.  Also, Nicollella roofing in Washington, Pa is repairing damaged flashing, gutters and rings around vent pipes. These damaged areas after felt to be the cause of water damage to our interior plaster.  Expected time of completion is mid September.  Thank you to all who have donated and continue to donate funds to complete this task.

The second step to update the parish will take place in 2016, pending funds, and will be plaster repair and repainting of the interior of the church.  We continue to ask for donations to complete these projects.

Not only is Sacred Heart repairing the exterior of the parish but we are also repairing and updating the mens bathroom.  We will keep you updated on our progress.